Bring the cinema to the home

For people who have a hobby or go to the cinema at least once to go to the cinema, certainly feels really watching how the difference with the cinema watching movies at home that are not yet equipped with home theater devices.

If you watch in the cinemas, in addition to the large size rooms with a large screen. But there are other matters that are able to bring a large effect so that the film look like a real, seems to mean you close to the events in the movie, especially the type of action or war.

If you see the movie Rush Hour 2 or die hard, which starred actors who almost never use stuntmen services, scenes that are presented it can also create suspense. Sound effects that will create a more exciting spectacle and as a result desired by the film director. Voice is heard in theaters equipped with a jarring sound because the basic system of multi-channel surround existing as Dolby ProLogic, Dolby Digital (AC-3) or DTS, and Digital Cinema Sound (DCS) presented by Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). Now, the trend now is to create a completely digital watch in effect as segregated theaters. The times to lead the effort to trigger this effect to the family room in the house. Then created a system called a home theater with the goal of the atmosphere and superior sound in cinema to the home.

Where you sit in a room, you will be surrounded by surround sound and clean, full of sound effects that extraordinary. To be sure it gives the impression like sitting in the cinema. The effect is produced, as large rooms. Then, there is a possibility that effective voice spread outside the infinite. Wherever you sit, sure voice sounds the same because the surround speakers are very strategic, in the side and back walls. More than that, in fact there are three speakers in the back of the cinema screen that is able to provide sound effects that seems alive.

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